Sunday, 22 July 2012

First .. yay !

Uuuhmmm, ik ben blij !
Eindelijk ik heb een Blog voor mijn craft, that mean i can learn much from everybody who is same hobby with me in papercraft.

First time im always spend time in Here for tutorial and some tricks and tips for beginners, then im start looking in many Blog for the nice tutorial. Its so nice !
I have imagine, when i can do like them ? I have nothing and many stuff make me dizzy ( NL : duizelig ) LOL.

But, that was few month ago..
Now im believed : I can !
Step by step and one by one i try to buy some stuff and trying with the tutorial i have seen.

Untill i found this Blog and i try sent email for her about Challenge and i got replied !
Woaaah ! im so glad.
Thanks Rosalien!!

I hope i can do my best for the Challenge ..




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